When seconds matter, what’s your plan?

Explore our line of airway management products that are designed to facilitate successful intubation, airway exchange, emergency airway access, and extubation.

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When you can’t intubate but can ventilate, we have a solution.


Our intubating introducers allow you to provide oxygen during the initial intubation and can assist with blind, retrograde, and bronchoscopic-guided placement.


Intubation products

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We can help make the exchange process uncomplicated and atraumatic.

Airway exchange

Our radiopaque exchange catheters are available in a wide range of sizes and are hollow to allow oxygen delivery during exchange. By maintaining continuous airway access, our products can reduce the chance for adverse patient outcomes due to oxygen deprivation.


Airway exchange products

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When you can’t intubate or ventilate, our tools help you gain emergency airway access.

Emergency airway

We offer a variety of emergency cricothyrotomy sets for use with Seldinger or surgical methods. Some of our sets include a cuffed airway catheter, and we offer products for emergency transtracheal airway catheter ventilation.


Emergency airway products

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We have products specifically designed to employ a more complete extubation strategy.


Our set features an extubation wire and reintubation catheter for use in staged extubation. The soft, kink-resistant nitinol wire core provides a track for the reintubation catheter, and the catheter permits oxygen delivery to facilitate a successful reintubation if one is required.


Extubation products

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